Custom-Printed Items

Make your wholesale teddy bear or stuffed animal uniquely yours by adding a custom-printed t-shirt or accessory.
  • Minimum of 24 pieces required. The more you buy, the more you save.
  • Yes, we can add your design, logo or words to either a white t-shirt, white bandanna, a spool of colored ribbon at 5/8" in width, or 3" diameter button.
  • Prices below include only the custom-printed accessory. Stuffed animals are sold separately.
  • Custom-printed orders take about three weeks to arrive at your doorstep. We can ship your order within three business days for 1.00 per item or 50 dollars per spool of ribbon.
  • Place your order online or call us at 1.800.886.8602.
  • If you're looking for custom-printed bow ties, we now offer custom-printed ribbon spools instead.
  • Proofs can be ordered for an additional $10 per order.
  • We can make light changes to your artwork if needed for $40, which includes a proof. Light changes can include color changes, adding of text, removal of text or background.

  • ITEM 24-47 pcs 48-143 pcs 144-287 pcs 288-599 pcs 
    600-1199 pcs 1200+ pcs
    1) Custom-Printed T-Shirt $4 ea. $3.50 ea. $3 ea. $2.75 ea. $2.60 ea. $2.50 ea.
    2) Custom-Printed White Bandanna $3.25 ea. $2.25 ea. $1.75 ea. $1.50 ea. $1.35 ea. $1.25 ea.
    3) Custom-Printed Button $2.50 ea. $2 ea. $1.75 ea. $1.50 ea. $1.35 ea. $1.25 ea.
  • Custom-Printed Ribbon: $150 for a 200-yard order