Silver Star Gymnastics Turns Teddy Bears into Little Gymnasts

Leah Jaskolski is owner of Silver Star Gymnastics, based in Setauket, New York. She became a customer over the summer by buying one of our most popular items, the 1451 Teddy Bear Assortment.

If you've never seen the 1451 in person, it's a versatile assortment that features three natural shades of beige and brown. Each one is 16 inches tall from head to toe and it's only $3.95 each, a bargain!

That allows Leah to dress the bears up to sell and give away to her customers, namely a hot pink Disney dress that fits our bears quite well. We're happy to share them here.

Silver Stars Gymnastics maintains their own website, along with a popular Facebook and Instagram page.

Wholesale Dance Bears

If you don't have the means to dress up the bears, we offer a fine selection of dance bears that are ready to go!

If you have any pictures of our bears in action at your business, send them by and we'll share the news!

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