Purchasing Plush & Cross-selling

Purchasing Plush & Cross-selling

Avoid being the general for a teddy bear army

Nobody likes being stuck with a plush toy that can't sell. We recommend you purchase small quantities of a newer item from your wholesale plush toy company if at all possible. Many plush companies will not break a case, but Plush in a Rush has reasonable minimums that allow you to test an item to see if your customers will buy it.

Also, be cautious with licensed products: the rule of thumb is to stay away from most except for the classics. Keep in mind that much licensed plush is sold by mass merchandisers, which diminish your chances of retail level sales in small to mid-size stores. Also, keep in mind that licensed items tend to be more gimmicky and are less likely to blend with your everyday plush toys.

Your plush teddy bear can sell your silver necklace

A teddy bear's shape more closely resembles a human than it does a real bear, so as a seller, Plush in a Rush recommends you use your bears to sell other items in your store. You can put a necklace around the bear, or maybe place a small gift-wrapped box featuring gift wrap that you already sell. Display your plush on top of the handmade quilts you sell or use them in conjunction with a display that features higher end items used for in the bedroom. Often, well thought out displays will give customers ideas for their own homes, and if they see and idea that they like, they will purchase those items and run home with them.

Don't forget

  • Use your plush for unique displays and to cross sell other items
  • Stock a variety of plush toys for maximum appeal
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