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A huge trailer full of brand new plush toys darkened our dock door this week. We'll break it down piece by piece for you, but in summary, we've got plenty of new teddy bears, a cute assortment of baby plush items, and a plethora of critters that can add variety to any of our customer's plush line.

Teddy Bears

Our largest category, so you know anytime we bring products in, a good portion will be teddy bears. Checkout our new lineup!

Starbow Bear

Our top pick has to be our brand new Starbow Bear, which features a colorful assortment of four bears whose fur is adorned with shiny stars. Great for bright and summery floral arrangements or as a gift for girls.

10" Starbow Bear Asst - #344
$4.95 ea - Min 8

Large Bears

At "America's Plush Headquarters", we like to offer value to all of the small and independent retailers who buy from us. So here are a few we brought in for our big bear lovers.

wholesale teddy bears
36" Cuddle Bear Asst - #2736A
$24.50 ea - Min 2

28" Cuddle Bear Asst - #2728A
$12.50 ea - Min 4

Natural Bears

Sure we have teddy bears, but what if you're looking for something a little on the wild side? We brought in three new bears that might fit the bill. A large and burly black bear and a couple of smaller laying pieces that look like something you might spot in Yellowstone Park.

14" Sitting Black Bear - #7021
$14.50 ea. - Min 2

7" Laying Black Bear - #7050
$3.95 ea. - Min 6

7" Laying Brown Bear - #7044
$3.95 ea. - Min 6

Special Edition Colorama Bear

We added a new shade of bear to our world famous line of Colorama Bears. We call this one Khaki, and its a bit darker than our normal beige bear. This one comes in both the 6" and 9" size.

Baby Plush

A growing category of ours, our new line of infant plush toys are great for all ages.

Stuffed Toy + Rattle

These new plush toys come in a variety of styles that will suit any parent's taste. Naturally, we have a friendly teddy bear, but be sure to checkout our hedgehog, lion, bunny, elephant, dog, or lion. Buy them individually or assorted. They are made with soft plushy fur, a rattle inside and with a clasp attached so they can be affixed to a stroller.

10" Baby Animal Asst - #8400
$3.95 ea. - Min 6

Sitting Lamb

Lambs are popular for Easter, but they make a great toy for kids in a pinch. This doe-eyed lamb features sewn eyes and super bright white fur.

9" Sitting Lamb - #1232
$5.95 ea. - Min 4

Musical Plush

One of our favorite categories is our musical and animated plush. At the push of a button, our musical toys come alive to sing and dance.

Singing Lambs

These fluffy lambs are sold by color and sing the classic devotional song "Light of Mine" heard in most Sunday school classes. What's more is that our lambs will literally light up while singing. Wow!

10" Singing Lamb - #4720
$12.95 ea. - Min 2

Bible Time Bear

This bear knows the Bible! It sways while it retells eight important Bible stories: Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, Story of Moses, King David, Jonah and the Whale, The Birth of Jesus, Jesus's Life, Jesus's Resurrection.

11" Bible Time Bear - #4710
$16.50 ea. - Min 2

Singing Longhorn

We got ourselves a longhorn that's not afraid to sing his heart out. Dressed like a cowboy and sings Willie's classic, "On the Road Again." Great for country music fans and University of Texas Exes alike.

12" Singing Longhorn - #4450
$17.50 ea. - Min 2

Other Stuffed Animals

If you've frequented our site, you'll know we carry way more than just teddy bears. We pride ourselves on having a selection of hundreds of animals, in a variety of sizes and styles. Here are a few new members of our plush family.

Big Eyed Animals

A real fox or squirrel might be quite shy, but ours aren't afraid to strut their stuff. These toys feature a large round head with oversized eyes to match.

8" Big Eye Sitting Fox - #2251
$4.95 ea. - Min 4
8" Big Eye Sitting Squirrel - #2253
$4.95 ea. - Min 4


Cuddle Animals

We call them cuddle animals because they sit and feel like a teddy bear. They are super furry, huggable and come in a great variety of styles.

13" Cuddle Giraffe - #2336
$5.95 ea. - Min 4

14" Cuddle Cat - #7085
$4.95 ea. - Min 4

Woodland Critters

For our discerning buyers, we feature animals you can't find many places else. Whether it's a beaver, fox, antelope or wolf, pick up a few numbers to add variety to your plush line.

8" Sitting Beaver - #7069
$3.95 ea. - Min 4

7" Sitting Antelope - #7084
$3.95 ea. - Min 4

There's More!

There are way too many pictures and products to post here, so be sure you check out the entire line of new products here.

Have a great summer, and thanks for stopping by Plush in a Rush, America's Plush Headquarters.


Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush
Designer and Distributor of Plush Toys
"America's Plush Headquarters"™


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  • Todd - August 20, 2018

    Hi Jim! We don’t have any in – stock military bears, but we can imprint various logos on t-shirts, as some of our customers have done.

  • Bernadette Walsh - August 20, 2018

    Appropriate small lion, elephant, etc.

  • Jim Logsdon - August 20, 2018

    Military Bears do you have them. I use them for fund raiser. If you have them send me some pictures . Also a price list

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