NEW: Plush of the Month! - August 2019

Big news and big savings start today

We're happy to announce a new program at Plush in a Rush, the Plush of the Month club. At the beginning of every month, we give a discount on a popular plush toy. What's more is that a quantity discount will be available too. Do you want to be one of the first to know? Subscribe to our newsletter. All subscribers are entitled to a one-time $25 coupon as well as being entered in a monthly drawing for free plush.

On Sale: the #2606

This neat bear assortment sits well, has curly fur and sports a matching furry bow tie. When you purchase twelve, you get six each: beige and cream. Normally the bear is $4.95, but now it's $3.95 for August. Buy 24 or more and it's just $3.70 each!

Plush of the Month - August 2019

Be on the lookout each and every month for a new plush toy on sale for thirty days.

Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush
America's Plush Headquarters™

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