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This October 27th will be President Teddy Roosevelt's 160th birthday, and one of his greatest legacies was--of course--the teddy bear!

Then we thought, "there is no Hall of Fame for plush toys, so let's come up with our own." We decided to "carve" our very own Mount Plushmore to honor America's favorite plush toys.

Naturally, the original Teddy Bear gets a spot, but we couldn't decide on who else should be on the mountain.

So we leave it up to you, our subscribers, to help us build Mt. Plushmore. We've narrowed it down to a group of finalists and we're asking you to vote on your top three picks! Don't see your favorite? Write one in!

We'll keep the polls upon all week long and a winner will be announced in November. As a way of saying thank you for participating, we'll draw two names from the list of voters and we'll send both lucky winners a grab bag of new plush toys.

Here are the finalists:
1) Care Bears - a popular line of toys that captured hearts throughout the 1980s.
2) Corduroy - the lonesome department store bear has been a favorite since 1968.
3) Hello Kitty - the international feline sensation hailing from Japan.
4) Hobbes - the beloved stuffed tiger from Calvin & Hobbes.
5) Paddington Bear - known for his old hat, battered suitcase, and love of marmalade.
6) Pound Puppies - another popular line of collectible plush toys from the 80s.
7) Raggedy Ann - the red-haired doll has appeared in children's nurseries for over 100 years.
8) Sock Monkey - a favorite that got its start in the Great Depression.
9) Velveteen Rabbit - the classic children's story featured a plush rabbit that came to life.
10) Winnie the Pooh - the lovable pudgy bear who lived in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Do you know your top three? Are we missing one? Tap the button below to cast your ballot or write in who you think deserves one of the top spots.

Vote Now!

Your vote counts! Thanks for taking the time to participate. We hope you have fun. Go ahead and vote now.


Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush®

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