Just in! Dozens of New Wholesale Plush Toys

Plenty of new wholesale plush just came in!

Wholesale Plush Hello Kitty

Hey there, we just received a huge new shipment of wholesale plush toys, and we're eager for you to have a look!

First up, a brand new Hello Kitty doll that was made exclusively for specialty gift shops (not big box merchandisers), which means that they are extra soft and made from high-quality materials.

We stock them in two sizes, 11.5" and 9", so you're good to go depending on your customers's needs.

Did you know Hello Kitty is about 45 years old? I know she still looks like a teenager. Must be those nine lives!

Let us know if you're looking for other licensed plush. We'd be happy to see what we can do.

Large Wholesale Plush Teddy Bears

Large bears are back in! This one can be used year round, not just for Valentine's Day. See all of our new large wholesale plush teddy bears here.

Wholesale Plush Narwhal

Narwhals are known as unicorns of the sea. Ours is made with fluffy blue fur and a prominent golden horn. Don't need any marine life? See our extensive line of wholesale plush unicorns here.

We didn't want to clog up this news article with tons of pictures. We'd rather you see them on the category page. Let us know if there's anything special you need and we'll see what we can do.

Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush
America's Plush Headquarters™

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