Grandma Crafts Unique Teddy Bear Gifts as a Tribute to her Late Husband

Most of our customers are florists, gift shops and the like, but we were happy to send a case of teddy bears to Laura Castro, a retired grandmother of six in Puerto Rico. Why did she need so many bears? She tells us that she wanted to craft unique gifts for each of her eight grandchildren.

Her plan was to use clothing from her late husband's wardrobe and fashion clothes to dress up the bears. Then she placed a photo frame in the lap of the bears that held a picture of her husband holding the grandkid, many of them as babies.

Now each of her grandchildren have a priceless memento of their grandpa!

Laura was kind enough to send some photos and we're happy to share them here with you. The one she purchased was our #2210 10" Sitting Bear Assortment.



An amazing tribute if we do say so ourselves. Our bears have never looked better!


Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush
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