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We're happy to share a great story and some fun-filled pictures from one of our newest customers, AndiMac Candy Shack, located not too far from us in Mansfield, Texas.  

Andrea's candy store doubles as a gift shop where you can discover all of your old school favorites, like Jelly Belly or Lemonheads, but they also sell gourmet popcorn and Dublin soda.

They also do an outstanding job of crafting colorful baskets full of candy and gifts. The one pictured has a ton of Easter goodies, including a perennial fan favorite, the Hollow Chocolate Bunny.

We're excited that they're now selling stuffed animals from us, Plush in a Rush, and even more excited to see what they were doing with them.

Our Colorama Bears were used for a promotional event and they never looked better!

Here are our six inch Colorama Bears lined up for the event. A colorful way to promote their giveaway.

AndiMac invited an Elvis Presley tribute artist to giveaway our teddy bears while he was singing the song--you guessed it--Teddy Bear.

This poor woman was buried by an avalanche of our plush toys. Don't worry, she wasn't hurt!

Here is some more plush paired up with a few flavors of rock candy and candy canes.

It looks like they've been having fun over at AndiMac's. And by the looks of their Facebook and Instagram page, they've been at it a while. We hope to see you again soon, maybe this time we'll visit you!

Todd Steinberg
Plush in a Rush
America's Plush Headquarters™

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